Chris Calabro

Braze certified marketer turning ideas into action – execution of email and multichannel lifecycle programs.

A few brands I've worked with:


Built Canvases for new users, first time buyers, and second time buyers – primarily email, mobile push, and the occasional in-app. Tested multiple versions of each, including experiments with frequency, cadence, messaging, and promotions. Also created dynamic emails utilizing Liquid and Connected Content.


Assisted with migration from Marketo to Braze, including IP warming, segmentation/data support, and custom development of a new modular master email template – including dark mode support. Helped build several Canvases for different lifecycle stages such as welcome, activation, first investment, and sunsetting.


Audited existing lifecycle Canvases and provided recommendations based on results. Executed campaigns announcing product-wide price and plan changes. Analyzed activation funnel and provided experiment suggestions for CRO using Heap.


In progress.

Some things I can help with:

  • Canvas journey design, implementation, and testing
  • Custom email development
  • Segmentation, personalization, and dynamic content
  • Mobile push and in-app messaging
  • Migrations and IP warming
  • Conversion tracking and analytics
  • Any other aspect of Braze – always eager to dive in and build something new